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Dealer comex gold falls to 18.26 tonnes/the Big three only has 14.26 tonnes/still no gold enters the gold comex

by Harvey Organ,

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed up $17.90 to $1286.20 (comex closing time ). Silver was up 28 cents at $20.71.

In the access market today at 5:15 pm tonight here are the final prices:

gold: $1287.00
silver: $20.77

GOFO numbers are now decreasing in the positive for all month out;
all GOFO rates are now positive

Here are today’s readings with Wednesday’s comparison:

i) One Month: +.0533300000% vs yesterday: +.07000000%
ii Two Months: +.0750000%. vs yesterday: +.0983330000%
iii) Three Months: +.09500000% vs yesterday: +.11833000000%
iv) Six months: +.1233300000% vs yesterday: +.1340000%

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