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Cultural Insanity…and our future

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Readers/Members ask again and again “what’s coming next?”, as we all know that Something Big is coming — since (if nothing else) my commentaries have illustrated that economic implosion (beginning in the U.S.) is imminent.

What have I been saying in reply to this question, in recent commentaries and editions of The Daily Grind? Understand insanity. So first let me further illustrate how/why the Sheep all around us are not merely misguided, but totally insane.

I began this dialogue on an earlier post, concerning the latest lies about the gold market from the propaganda machine, this time focusing on China. It led to this point:

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2 comments to Cultural Insanity…and our future

  • Meat Eater

    Excellent analysis.

    However I dont think it will be Muslims Terrorists who will be blamed for the starting the war that will collapse the US (most people with a pulse and a brain can see through that BS now and can see uncle sam has an appetite for brown peoples blood). No, I think it will be those patriots, or domestic terrorists as the government call them that get blamed.

    Likely the next terror attack will involve the power grid going down – after 3 or 4 days of chaos, rioting, looting, and wrol, even the awake will be glad to see UN troops hitting the streets restoring law and order (martial law of course) and handing out food and water.

    For all intents we have been ifnormed of this already by the government, and we have had the predictive programming from various movies and TV shows, including most recently American Blackout from Nat Geographic.

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