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Attention Preppers: Deadly clashes, looting erupts in Philippines over food and water supplies

from 21st Century Wire:

Preppers take heed: one only has to look at this real-life escalation of social and economic breakdown to better understand how a social and economic crisis can quickly spiral downwards into anarchy – where getting food and fresh water takes precedence over all else. Survival often comes down to the barrel of a gun.

Mayhem has ensued in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiya in the Leyte region of the Philippine Islands this week, as armed looters exchanged fire with local police. Businesses have been ransacked, food warehouses have been looted by rioting mobs, and hording by armed gangs has begun.

Red Cross officials in the Philippines have described the scene as “absolute bedlam”. In some villages, reports are that the flood levels have not fully subsided and that dead bodies could still be seen floating in the streets. Municipal water supplies are not safe to use, and fears are that typhoid, cholera and microbe infections will spread. Aid and supplies are slow coming through, and in some cases – are not arriving at all.

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2 comments to Attention Preppers: Deadly clashes, looting erupts in Philippines over food and water supplies

  • PK

    Hi everyone, one paragraph caught my eye that might benefit some..

    “One of the survivors, Rachel Garduce, said the minimal aid – 3 kg of rice and 1 liter of water per household a day – was not enough in her ravaged Tacloban neighborhood.”

    I did some quick math on these bare minimums and found that:

    3 kg of rice per day = 15 cups of rice, or (3) 5 cup bags of rice per day, 35 per week, 150 per month

    1 liter of water per day = 3.78 gallons x 7 days in a week = 26.46 gallons or 5.29 of the 5 gallon poland spring jugs per week, (21) 5 pound gallons for a month

    This put things in perspective for me and hopefully for someone else.

    Sean, Thank You for your work. Also for the classic interview where they guest recommended 500oz of silver, what a great goal to have.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    1 litre of water is equivalent to about 1 pint. Just over.

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