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Arrested Legal Gun Owner Still Being Harassed by Court System

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

The Government of The United States has for a long time been overstepping their scope of power ,It is too big and too overbearing for even itself,on Aug 7,2013 it again showed it’s ability to continue to infringe on The Rights of The American citizens . On Aug. 7.2013 Agents of the ATF,CA Highway Patrol,and Sacramento sheriff Dept. exercised a Raid on our Condo for The Sole Purpose of assuring another American is Denied The Constitutional right of the 2nd Amendment.

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2 comments to Arrested Legal Gun Owner Still Being Harassed by Court System

  • Paula Tuttle

    Bron, Who are you?? I’ve been following TF, Silver Doctors, Max Keiser, Jim Willie,Sprott, Sinclair, Andy Hoffman and others like them for years, and if you know anything about how true economics work, you also know that with supply being drained from the COMEX, leaving the USA and going to China, Russia, India, etc. gold & silver should be soaring. Obvious algorythmic manipulation of gold & silver, 10-yr treasury bonds and the stock market in a rapidly deteriorating economy (50,000,000) on food stamps, all jobs gone), the stock market should have crashed long ago with G & S going to the moon! IT’S ALL A RIGGED GAME and YOU should be embarrased write pieces like this one. It’s writers like you that are convincing ignorant people to remain unprotected when the SHTF, which it is inevitably going to do…and soon.

  • Ed_B

    Those who are weak-willed and ignorant probably cannot be saved. The rest WILL figure this out and will know what to do about it.

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