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Arrested economic development

36 percent of Millennials living at home delaying financial adulthood. Less than one-third of Millennials employed.


Young Americans are living at home in record numbers.  Millennials are living at home for much longer because of the poor economic conditions for the young.  Think about the perfect storm of financial pain for young Americans. College costs are astronomical and many are going into massive debt to pursue a college education.  If not, then it is very likely that you’ll end up in one of the top low paying jobs since we have decimated our manufacturing sector.  Next, because of low earnings, the median net worth of those 25 to 34 is zero dollars.  Do you have one dollar in your bank account and no debt?  Congrats.  You are wealthier than most young Americans.  A recent research report from Pew Research Center indicates this trend is still going on.  Many young Americans are delaying the biggest payment of being an adult, that of paying rent or a mortgage.  A stunning 36 percent of Millennials live at home.

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