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Anticipated Traumatic Stress in TEOTWAWKI

by FB, Survival Blog:

Have you been able to sit quietly and thoughtfully imagine what your world would be like at TEOTWAWKI?  Your world? Your new and untried world? There are so many lists on the Internet, and so much information available that it would seem to be impossible to miss this point, but mentally and emotionally we will be all over the map! 

Anyone aware of extreme threat situations knows about physiological factors impairing wise judgment.  Body chemistry does strange things during life and death encounters.  In St Paul, Minnesota, an elderly lady was robbed at gunpoint.  She could not tell the police the height of the robber, his skin color, what clothes he was wearing or anything else to help identify the perpetrator.  She could only remember the snub nosed .38 pointed at her had a little piece of  blue fuzz hanging from the trigger guard!

Let me give you some relevant examples of traumatic stress. In Vietnam, under extreme stress, I encountered some very unusual thought patterns. 

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