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A UK war veteran died with nobody to attend his funeral. What happened next was astonishing (Photos)

from The Chive:

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5 comments to A UK war veteran died with nobody to attend his funeral. What happened next was astonishing (Photos)

  • Mike

    Now that is respect! It kind of restores a little faith in humanity.

  • Listening to the still too many people complaining while they do nothing for their fellow man their “share” is “stolen” from them, I had given up on my fellow man except for the VERY few who remain honest, hard working, moral, ethical, kind, gentle, loving, brave – exceptional human beings. This story tells me the numbers of such fine people are not low in number – they just need to stand up and be counted. Each one out shines a hundred of the witless mindless dregs who are held up as models in our society lead by the very worst of their kind. How often have you thanked a service man or woman for their service or paid for their meal then left before they were told someone paid for them? You really should you know. Give it a try. It will brighten your day as much as it does theirs!

  • Joe

    Damn… I just got tears in my eyes… that’s what real humans do.
    Respect for everybody who went!
    Rest in peace Mr. Percival!

  • Handyman Dan

    I too fought tears welling up in my eyes with thoughts of the hundreds of people showing up at his funeral. It shows the kindness of our fellow man, especially the active and former servicemen. I just wish we all could show this amount of support to each of our veterans while they are still with us. Please take the time to make a difference in one person’s life each and every day! After all, consider what each of these veterans was willing to sacrifice for you!

    • SGT

      Thanks for taking the time to comment guys. What makes us all different AND BETTER than the monster Banksters and “Globalists” is our empathy. We FEEL for our fellow human beings. Whereas they PREY on them.

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