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A NOTE…In Full Support of GATA

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

Just a quick note about an article written by Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada entitled: GATA now Funded with Rothschild’s Dirty Money

In this article Jeff claims that GATA refuses to post his articles because they are in league with the Rothschilds…


Of the more absurd things I have read in the gold/silver manipulation “blogosphere”… this tops them all! GATA has no obligation to post anything you write on their website. Just because they stopped posting your articles doesn’t mean that they have “gone to the dark side”. All it means is that Chris Powell either doesn’t like you or he doesn’t think your articles are worth posting to HIS subscriber base. Half the things I write about Chris won’t post because they are too controversial. SO GET OVER IT!

We all make choices on what articles we post or reference on our websites. Chris Powell and his website is no different.

Jeff – If you have an axe to grind with Chris for not posting your articles that’s your issue with him.

If you are trying to degrade the good name of GATA your gonna have to deal with me…and all of us who have been fighting to end the manipulation of gold and silver for 15 years.

Let’s get the angry finger pointed in the right direction.

Bix Weir

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6 comments to A NOTE…In Full Support of GATA

  • Dylan


    I`ve been following yourself, GATA and Jeff for three years now. I`ve learned from and respect you all. BUT something is wrong here. I trust that you actually read that article in full. Jeff has been accused of anti-Semitic overtones simply by mentioning the name “Rothschild” in one article. This was the explicit reason he was given for ALL his 1000+ commentaries being removed, it was not a paranoid, knee jerk response on his part.
    I`m sure you know well that linking Rothschild bashing with anti-Semitism is one of the oldest (deliberate) bait tricks in the book. This is known as bad-jacketing in the intelligence field and amounts to slander. I`ve seen many people accused of this simply by mentioning the word International Bankers with nary a Rothschild in sight.

    What Jeff did was make a connection between a certain family and banking fraud.
    This is no more than the best writer for GATA made in 2010 for example.

    “In 1919 the major London gold dealers decided to get together in the offices of N.M. Rothschild to “fix” the price of gold each day.”

    You know who that was don`t you? Adrian Douglas

    Gold Market is not “Fixed”, it’s Rigged

    The Rothschilds were involved in rigging the price of gold.

    There I`ve said it.
    It`s like being able to say that Al Capone ran bootlegging operations but NOT that Meyer Lansky ran numbers rackets.

    PS -SGT, why the maths question? Is it to filter out the economists!

  • Hannon

    “PS -SGT, why the maths question? Is it to filter out the economists!”


  • Frank Zak

    Since the Andrew Maguire scandal and revlations
    on Bill Murphys incredibly shady past, I no
    longer trust GATA, unless I can verify what
    they say myself.

    You have to verify what these people say.

    To be thrown off GATA at this point, would be
    a badge of honor.

  • simon

    “Since the Andrew Maguire scandal and revlations on Bill Murphy’s incredibly shady past, I no longer trust GATA…”

    link? i’ve listened to most of what maguire has had to say, i thought, and i’ve not heard these revelations.

    equally i’ve seen allegations about other board members having shady pasts, but no substantiation. this all sounds like ad hominems to me, though i’m all ears if anyone has anything to back up any of these claims.

  • Robert Johnsson

    “Frank Zak”

    No one trust YOU.
    -There! I said what everyone already knows…

    Have Fun now…

  • js

    Bix Weir, if what Jeff has stated is true, then you should be coming to his defense, shame on you, and you have no more credibility in my book

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