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He’s No Ron Paul: Tea Party Choice for President RUBIO Calls Snowden a Traitor, Says National Security State Necessary

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

It’s no secret Marco Rubio is the reformulated tea party’s choice for president. Earlier this week the junior senator from Florida declared NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a traitor.

“We must respond to the valid concerns of Americans, who are alarmed by reports regarding their civil liberties,” Rubio told a gaggle of neocons at the American Enterprise Institute. “But we must also distinguish these reasonable concerns from conspiracy theories sparked by Edward Snowden. This man is a traitor who has sought assistance and refuge from some of the world’s most notorious violators of liberty and human rights.”

Rubio went on to say that because al-Qaeda does not use carrier pigeons, the national security state requires a Stasi surveillance apparatus trampling the Constitution he is sworn to uphold.

“Our intelligence programs need to be carefully monitored and controlled. But we do need them, because terrorists don’t use carrier pigeons to communicate,” Rubio argued. “They use cell phones and the Internet, adapting the latest technologies to aid their malign intent. We need to be prepared to intercept the messages of those who mean us harm while not interfering in the affairs of ordinary citizens.”

Apparently 35 leaders of foreign countries also had “malign intent” and that’s why the NSA monitored their phones.

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4 comments to He’s No Ron Paul: Tea Party Choice for President RUBIO Calls Snowden a Traitor, Says National Security State Necessary

  • B.M.

    No, the traitor is this guy. He sure as hell won’t get my vote.

  • Insert_Name_Here

    What A POS
    We really are Fucked and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.
    George Carlin was right all along.

  • Hoser

    I always knew Rubio was a Rhino Snake in the Grass! Sen Cruz for President! Nothing more, nothing less!

  • Isaac

    All of these so-called Tea Party conservatives and libertarians will prove to be completely subservient to the Military Industrial Complex and the banking mafia in due time. But this character will make no bones about it, whereas the others will be snakes in the grass.

    Don’t trust any of them. The Republic is kaput, so lets not look to the Beast that caused this mess to now get us out of it. And no amount of romanticizing about what once was is gonna change that fact.

    It’s time for SELF-preservation, pure and simple. The sooner people realize this, the easier it will be.

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