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WAKE UP CALL: College Students Shocked at Cost of ‘Affordable Care Act’

by Dan Riehl, Breitbart:

Along with documenting the many technical failures of Obama’s so called signature website, this CBS New York item reports the Obama sticker shock many Garden State college students now face thanks to the increasingly misleadingly named Affordable Care Act.

New Jersey built up a relatively extensive network of junior colleges in the 1970’s and 80’s. Now, ObamaCare is forcing them to drop cost effective insurance programs they had previously provided to students.

Many students have found themselves in health care limbo this semester. Community colleges in New Jersey used to offer cheap health insurance for hundreds of dollars a year but they had to drop the practice because Federal Law prohibits the sale of bare bones policies.

Under the Affordable Care Act it would have cost more to run the program and the cost would have been passed on to students.

Chalk this up as one more of a growing number of reports demonstrating that Barack Obama’s now infamous promise of being able to keep your health insurance if you liked it was a flat-out lie.

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6 comments to WAKE UP CALL: College Students Shocked at Cost of ‘Affordable Care Act’

  • Rodster

    Well, progressives sold the idea that it was best for Govt to get involved in Healthcare with the eventuality of a Universal Healthcare System. That’s why you don’t want the Govt to do anything for you other than protect you from an invasion. Just look at the ineptness of their website after they spent $600 million.

    They are so corrupt they won’t even tell you how many signed up for that cluster fuck of a program. And look at what it has already done to the economy with lower hours worked and people losing health coverage while the replacement cost for basic coverage has gone up in some cases between 500-1000%.

    I am one who will have no part of Obamacare and I refuse to pay the fire whatever it is.

    • Isaac

      The lamestream media actually came clean on the numbers for the first couple of days.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I heard that only 6 people were able to sign up on the first day, and just over a couple hundred on the second day. Out of how many millions?

      I’m with you on not paying the fine. I’m cancelling the insurance that I get through my employer, due to an outrageous increase and shittier coverage. Let ’em try to collect the fine.

  • dennis

    This is the clear result of the prediction that the late Bob Chapman stated that during the second term of this administration that the damage to this nation will be beyond repair.

    • Isaac

      An absolute travesty if I ever saw one!

      But since yesterday, the headlines have suddenly shifted. Don’t fear ObamaCare. There’s bigger fish to worry about in those “right-wing cop killers!”

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