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Yellen About The Mogambo Sure-Fire Road To Investing Success (MSFRTIS)

by Richard Daughty,

This is very chilling stuff in itself, but when combined with a projection of a federal deficit of yet another $1.2 trillion or so next year, it all turns to horror because it means that the evil Federal Reserve will create most or all of that $1.2 trillion in new currency and credit, increasing the money supply more and more and more until I am screaming piteously “We’re freaking doomed to die of inflation and economic collapse!”

And with the horrid Janet Yellen, even more satanic than the nightmare that was arch-demon Alan Greenspan, and then Ben Bernanke, being apparently the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, we are Truly, Truly Screwed (TTS).

Alan Greenspan, you might recall, is The Only Reason (TOR) that we are in the trouble we are in, as it was he who outrageously created all the credit and currency that killed us!

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