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World exclusive: Unacceptable Levels film exposes chemical holocaust now devastating humanity

by Mike Adams, Natural News

An exciting new film has just been announced: “Unacceptable Levels” exposes the hidden world of toxic chemicals now inundating society and destroying our health worldwide.

Created by filmmaker Ed Brown, Unacceptable Levels is a tour de force of groundbreaking information from the world’s top experts on how trace-level cocktails of synthetic chemicals are devastating humanity.

This is the film that finally explains what’s wrong with our food and medical systems and why so many people have diabetes, cancer, autism, infertility, mental disorders and other degenerative health conditions. When you see this, you’ll instantly connect the dots in ways that will empower you to protect your health and maximize your longevity, even in an intoxicated world full of deadly chemicals and the criminal corporations that sell them.

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3 comments to World exclusive: Unacceptable Levels film exposes chemical holocaust now devastating humanity

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Whenever I hear a public servant say anything about diabetes, cancer or autism I will tell them to SHUT THEM HELL UP.

  • Ed_B

    Yeah, human health is deteriorating so quickly that the average lifespan of a human being is at all time highs and continues to rise.

    Many of the diseases mentioned occur because people live long enough to get age-related degenerative diseases these days or treatments are sufficiently effective as to preserve the lives of those afflicted with congenital ailments. Any of these that are hereditary are bound to be increasing and people with them are able to live long enough to procreate and pass them along to their children.

    And no, I did not make this film. 😉

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