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World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes

from NextNewsNetwork:

Karen Hudes exposes The World Bank. It is one of the world’s largest financial institutions and it consists of 5 major organizations that’s said to represent 188 nations from around the world.

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2 comments to World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes

  • Truthseeker

    Is this one brave woman, the only one who will speak out against the corruption? Are there no others in this system who haven’t bowed the knee to Baal? If she is true, and her motives are pure, then may God bless her and keep her in safety. May the God of heaven help her and all of us, to root these demons out. Heed the warning. If the bankers are allowed to continue on the present course, it will literally mean the deaths of millions through war, starvation, thirst, civil unrest, and disease.

    America, it is coming to you. Your children will see it in their own front yards, with their own eyes. You will no longer be able to watch the pain and destruction of nameless others, in the comfort of your living room. If these dangers don’t find you, the war against humanity will be at your front door, in the form of a government thug, with a government weapon, kicking it in wearing jack-boots.

    Failure to act is not an option any more.

  • Daniel

    From one truthseeker to another, I can affirm that she’s 100% true and extremely brave!!

    Do yourself a favor Truthseeker and do some research into history, and you’ll see that what Karen Hude’s is saying is totally accurate. A thorough look at the Great Reformation, and the resulting Jesuit counter-reformation, would be a great start.

    For her to be taken out now, will only prove that she was “on the money” (pardon the pun) — the horse has bolted!! And she is a former SENIOR COUNSEL member….praise God, is all I can say!!

    It’s just so refreshing to finally hear someone, who is actually exposing this from the inside, which provides even more credit to the 10 years of research I’ve done into this topic and other deceptions out there. You won’t have the likes of Alex Jones (that Jesuit-coadjutor snake) interviewing this lady!!

    For those that think that these Jesuits are sincere, gentle and devoted for their cause, I urge you to read their extreme oath (oh, they are sincere and devoted alright — don’t know about the “gentle” part though??):

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