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WHY Did the Warmongers Not Get to Bomb Syria? Because of GOOD Men Like Brit MEP Nick Griffin MEP

from bnptv:

“I wrote that letter” announced Nick Griffin MEP to a packed British National Party Members’ Conference.

The letter which was sent by the Syrian Government to British MPs just hours before they voted on whether Britain should go to war with Syria proved pivotal in swinging the vote against warmonger David Cameron and other corrupt Westminster politicians.

This following announcement from Britain’s bravest politician, that a single MEP prevented a Western military strike on Syria, is one which the BBC and the rest of the controlled media have done everything in their power to prevent you from hearing… but you can hear the amazing true story right here, right now!

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5 comments to WHY Did the Warmongers Not Get to Bomb Syria? Because of GOOD Men Like Brit MEP Nick Griffin MEP

  • Sheryl Jacobs

    If this is actually true – Thank you Mr. Griffin.

    A concerned United States Citizen.

  • Upstart

    Well, that was certainly a suprise to me. Credit were credit is due. Well done Mr. Griffin and team.

    However, we must not forget that in the UK the BNP is regarded as being the party of White, Working-Class, English, Christians – only. Therefore if you are not white and at least ‘British’ if not pure blood ‘English’, the BNP will not exactly extend the red carpet for you.

    Seems to me like all political parties have a rather dark side to them when you look closely.

  • Paul

    Like the politicians which are ‘in’ power have been doing a great job….? All politicians (in a democracy) work for the people lets not forget. If they are not listening, problems shall occur and now we are seeing right wing groups spring up all over Europe, especially Greece. Any kind of war either foriegn or domestic is bad. Lets hope someone can stop all the corruption while keeping the peace, we are only here once after all.

  • Harry Richardson

    Why would a non-Muslim want to read the story of Mohammed? For many Westerners, the life of a self-proclaimed Prophet who died more than 1300 years ago in a remote part of the world might sound not only dull, but also completely irrelevant, in fact it is neither. During his life, Mohammed created a religious and political movement called Islam, which a quarter of the world’s population belongs to and is the world’s fastest growing religion by far. Importantly, the influence of this religion currently stretches into more aspects of our societies than almost any of us realize.

    After studying Islamic doctrine and history, it very quickly became clear to me that almost all of what is conveyed to us regarding Islam, its goals and its influence on the actions and beliefs of Muslims is entirely wrong. This lack of understanding has been the root cause of the horrendous policy failures in such areas as the “War on terror,” Middle Eastern foreign policy, the Arab, Israeli conflict etc. which tend to dominate our daily news cycle.

    It is also clear that the reason for these failures is an almost total lack of knowledge of the doctrine of Islam amongst all sections of Western society, from politicians, academics, journalists, teachers, right on down to the man in the street. Given the rapidly rising threats from Islamic “extremists” and the growing number of conflicts involving Muslims, this would seem to be a failure of epic proportions.

    It is precisely for this reason that I have written this book. I wanted it to be widely read and so I have tried to make it as simple and entertaining as possible. It is reasonably short and avoids any hint of dry theological discussion. If you have an interest in what lies behind the news stories we see every day, you should hopefully find it both interesting and relevant.

    By the end, you should also have a good grasp of the doctrine of Islam, what this doctrine expects of Muslims and how that affects the societies in which Muslims are living. Most importantly, this knowledge will give you a whole new understanding of issues involving Islam, from conflicts around the globe, terrorism, immigration, treatment of women etc. which can never be properly understood without a basic grasp of Islamic doctrine.

    Islamic scholars have always known that the key to understanding Islam is the story of Mohammed’s life. This is good news because Mohammed was an extremely interesting character.

    Unlike any other prophet, Mohammed was also a political and military leader, insisting that Muslims should fight when called upon to put Islam in control of the whole world. During the last nine years of his life he and his followers were involved in acts of violent conquest on average, once every seven weeks, until he was the King of all Arabia with not a single enemy left standing. The key to his success was a new system of warfare called Jihad which Westerners usually translate as “Holy War” but which is in fact far more than this.

    The strange fact is that, although more is known about Mohammed than any other person in history , very few people, even in the Islamic world, know his story. This is not an accident. The life of Mohammed is the perfect example for all Muslims to follow, and therefore is the basis for the Islamic religion itself. You would expect then, that most Muslims would be familiar with the story of Mohammed, just as Christians are familiar with the story of Jesus but this is not the case.

    Young Muslims are taught to recite the Koran in Arabic, but are sternly dissuaded from understanding its meaning (four fifths of them do not even speak modern Arabic, let alone the archaic form the Koran is written in.) Generally speaking, only those Muslims who are committed enough to want to become Islamic Religious leaders or “Imams” learn the truth about Mohammed’s life. The rest are expected to follow directions from these leaders who keep this knowledge to themselves.

    Today, Muslim populations are exploding across the world as Western birth rates plummet. More than ninety percent of all Wars and armed conflicts today involve Muslims and almost all terror attacks (more than twenty thousand in the nine years since 9/11 ) are carried out by Muslim jihadists. The largest and most influential block of countries in the UN (despite their current lack of veto powers) is the fifty seven member, Organization of Islamic Cooperation who also control the lion’s share of the planets dwindling oil reserves.

    In years to come these trends will almost certainly accelerate, giving Islam increasing power, not just in the lives of Muslims, but also in the lives of non-Muslims who will increasingly find themselves constricted by laws and demands which reflect this growing influence. If you want to know how this expanding Islamic power and influence is going to affect you and your children and grandchildren (and believe me you really should) then this book is the quickest and easiest way to go about it. If you wish to gain a more serious understanding of this highly complex subject then this book is an excellent first step which will set you in the right direction and serve as a solid foundation.

    Tony Blair, George Bush and most other world leaders, academics, journalists and opinion formers in the Western world insist that Islam is a religion of peace which has a few violent radicals, angry at Western foreign policy.

    Ayatollah Khomeini devoted his entire life to the study of Islamic doctrine. He became the spiritual and religious leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the foremost religious authority for the entire Shiite world (differences between Shia and Sunni Islam are fairly superficial). Here is what he had to say about Islam and warfare.

    “But those who study Islamic Holy War will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world. Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those (who say this) are witless.”
    Read the story of Mohammed for yourself and see if you can figure out who is right.
    read the rest here:

    • jonathan

      You’re right Harry Mohammed’s story is interesting he was not the God they make him out to be today they perverted his life story just like they did to Jesus and make him above human instead of a great human being.

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