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Which metal is the ultimate safe haven?

by Jan Skoyles,

A new paper from Professor Brian Lucey and Sile Li examines the safe-haven properties of gold, silver, platinum and palladium against US stock and bond declines.

We are used to hearing that gold is a safe-haven, and to some extent silver as well. However we are rarely faced with the idea that platinum and palladium may also be, or that each of the precious metals may perform better as safe-havens than one another at different times.

When we refer to a safe-haven, what do we mean? Generally we are referring to an asset which retains value during times of economic distress. It is viewed as low risk during such periods and perhaps offers higher liquidity also.

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2 comments to Which metal is the ultimate safe haven?

  • Ed_B

    “Which metal is the ultimate safe haven?”

    Actually, it’s a bi-metallic standard consisting of brass and lead. 😉

  • andrew james

    Got to agree with Ed_B there. I still haven’t read anyone refute the alleged one hundred and seventy THOUSAND tons of Gold at the Bank of Hawaii made by Karen Hudes. I’m just considering it a possibility. That would be something.

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