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What’s the Harm?

by Kelly Diamond, Global Wealth Protection:

If people still don’t see the harm in turning things over to the government, then they deserve the government they have.

By now it is patently obvious that any information the government gets from you WILL be used against you… it’s just a matter of when.

During the last census here in the U.S., I decided to only answer the ONE question legally required of me: number of persons living at my residence. I left the other 7 pages alone. I was also revisited about three separate times thereafter by census representatives to try and elicit the remaining information from me. I refused every time and eventually they left me alone.

But I also remember getting into a rather impassioned discussion with a then-friend of mine. He said, “I got the census packet and the questions aren’t that bad. What’s the harm in answering them?”

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