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We Have Lost Our Way

by An Optimist in the Redoubt, Survival Blog:

This may inflame some folks, but for others I hope it jogs our brain cells to ask, how did we get to this spot, and why are we of this prepper mindset?

Think back to the early sixties (if you can), 6th grade in sunny California, and unlike my folks who suffered through the Great Depression, life was good. NY Yankees’ Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were hitting away, trying to break the Babe’s home run record. Every kid in my school played ball, at every opportunity, and you carried your glove with you, everywhere…it was a mark of boyhood. The school janitor was our ump, and recess went by all to fast. Girls did their own thing, and to be honest I don’t remember what it was. Even the teachers were “betting” on Mantle, but the principal held out for Maris. America invented baseball, along with the Colt .45 peacemaker and 1911, flying saucers, the muscle car, the movies, Rock and Roll, NASA, the transistor radio, drive-in theaters, cowboys and the wild west, and countless scores of other things. We were a nation of heroes and legends who won the World War against fascism and evil. We even won at the Alamo even when we lost, because of men like Crockett and Bowie and Travis. Sports figures were heroes, not thugs, they were paid well but not rich, and they spent time with kids, not like today’s sports celebrities, who spend more time using performance enhancers to cheat. Kids played outside, with no fear.

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