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‘Washington drama, Circus Clown College in Congress a joke’ – Whistleblower

from Russia Today:

Is the drama in Washington, a comedy or a tragedy? What’s a better term for American democracy? When will the debt time bomb detonate? Who can stand up against American exceptionalism? We discuss this and more with National Security whistleblower, Mark Novitsky.

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1 comment to ‘Washington drama, Circus Clown College in Congress a joke’ – Whistleblower

  • Ed_B

    Novitsky impresses me as a man of courage, honor, and integrity… unlike most of those in the US Gov (except many in the military), Fed, and the banks. It is an outrage that he and others have been treated like pariahs, rather than lauded for their courage and their standing up for the rest of us in the face of this organized pogrom of abuse, lies, and theft on an epic scale. It has been 2,000 years since Jesus was sent to the cross for telling people the truth but crucifixion seems to be alive and well in the financial and political sense, if not in the physical sense.

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