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Veterans Arrested at Vietnam Memorial During their Vigil for Fallen Comrades

from wearechange:

Luke Rudkowski documents veterans getting together on October 7th 2013 to make a stand against the curfew of the Vietnam veterans memorial in NYC. The video shows you exactly what occurred that night with interviews from the veterans explaining why they did it.

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4 comments to Veterans Arrested at Vietnam Memorial During their Vigil for Fallen Comrades

  • Upstart

    Discusting and shameful behavior from the Police on many levels.

    WTF did they have to cuff that 80 year old WW2 Vet? Why the F–k did they cuff any of the Vets?

    Just following orders? Where have we heard that excuse before?

    Those Cops deserve to be spat upon for what they have done.

    As I have said time and time again, in Nazi Germany in the run up to WW2, ‘the smart ones left early’ (and the smart ones were not just the Jews that left, but every man and women who recognised the rise of evil in thier country).

    The US is lost, dont pretend it can be saved, such wishful thinking may cost you your life.

    • jonathan

      But Upstart can’t you imagine the danger to the People of the Union these Vets are by walking up to a memorial. OMG these cops are such heroes. If they didn’t arrest these Vets what would happen to the children. Please think about the children.

  • Manupuwimp

    This is so shameful! There are no words it’s just disgusting what is happening.

  • Hate Pigs

    “Big Man Pig Man Ha ha charade you are.” NYC please tell me why the majority of your pigs are 5’7” Well I know why, but do you?

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