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UN debate on US drone policy ‘a show’

from Press TV:

In Pakistan alone, where most drone strikes are carried out, more than 2,500 people have been killed by CIA drones, Adriaensens told Press TV. “Some 98 percent of those killed by drone strikes are civilians.”

US President Barack Obama has authorized hundreds of drone strikes in Pakistan in a bid to target what Washington calls suspected terrorists. But international statistics suggest that only two percent of those assassinated by US drones are militants.

Adriaensens slammed Obama for stepping up the deadly attacks during his terms, saying the number of strikes authorized by Obama is “four times the amount authorized by (former US president) George Bush.”

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1 comment to UN debate on US drone policy ‘a show’

  • Ed_B

    Haven’t we all figured out by now that it was never WHAT Bush was doing that was the problem? It was always about WHO was doing it. Now that the Obamunists are doing even more of it, it is just fine.

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