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This Hobby Can Fund Your Retirement

from United CPM:

In such a chaotic world as we live in today, it is important for individuals to consolidate their time as best as possible.

With so little time and so many bills to pay, it has never been more important for individuals to take up their own personal time with hobbies and interests that will make them money.

Coin collecting is one of those hobbies. Oftentimes a person comes to coin collecting as a young person. This is a great advantage for them compared to the kids who aren’t becoming fascinated by coins, especially precious metals. So, begin teaching your kids about coin collecting while they’re young, and maybe they’ll have the funds to take care of you in your old age.

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1 comment to This Hobby Can Fund Your Retirement

  • andrew james

    It’s funny how guys can show up at websites like this and howl how that there is no money to be made in real money. I have much admiration for some of the world’s cartels. Really. Consider DeBeers for a moment. With trillions of carats of diamonds trading on a global scale somehow someway somewhere back in time a few guys managed to get together and say “Let’s take control of the prices on this stuff”. Same thing with the oil cartels. There’s a homeless guy here in town that just wants to team up with another bum so he can secure a begging corner continuously. He can find no takers. He can’t find one person to work with him. So it is a miracle to me that cartels even exist from the get go. I say we work together and buy 1955-D Washington quarters, 1926P Peace dollars, 1904-O Morgan dollars, 1955 Franklin half dollars, 1946-D walking liberty halves, 1931-S Mercury dimes, 1950-D nickels, and 1931-S pennies. I say we make every attempt to purchase controlling interest in these coin inventories. Let’s go there together.

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