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They are Calling it a Collapse in Capitaism

from Armstrong Economics:

The view of the American budget crisis from outside the USA is one that is blaming Wall Street and the banks and calling for the next crisis to be the final meltdown of Capitalism. This view is rising around the world. The fact that it is just pushed off into January with the funding ending on February 7th is seen as this debt crisis will merely take place time and time again until capitalism collapses. It is curious that there is a rising tide against capitalism but there is no understanding exactly what that truly means other than the Wall Street bankers. Obama is too busy trying to destroy the Republicans so he can pursue unrestrained socialism/communism and cannot see that this will destroy the world economy. It is the private sector that creates national wealth – not the state as communism proved.

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1 comment to They are Calling it a Collapse in Capitaism

  • jonthan

    By collapse in capitalism do they mean a collapse in Fascism because the Western World couldn’t be farther from a free market capitalist state. The whole economy is based on printing currency which is not backed by any capital.

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