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The Weekend Vigilante – Austrialiastan, Singapore and Cambodia

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Hello from Phnom Penh, Cambodia,

It’s been somewhat of a whirlwind week as I’ve been all over this region. The last time we spoke I was in Thailand and was not looking forward to entering into the fasco-communist nanny state of Australiastan. I showed up at Don Muang airport in Bangkok and the beautiful check-in girl for Air Asia squinted her eyes at the screen and told me I couldn’t go to Australia. I wasn’t entirely unhappy to hear this news but was curious as to why.

She said, “you don’t have a visa.” I told her that I was flying under my Kanadian slave card (passport) and that both Kanada and Australiastan are still purported to be owned by the Queef of England and part of the Orwellian named, “Commonwealth” and in my dozens of trips to Australia in the past I’ve never needed a visa.

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