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The Things that Drive Us to Prepare

by Bluegrass Preacher, Survival Blog:

When the subject of Prepping comes up there are many facets which can be equated with the reason for Prepping. Many people in regions where severe weather is a perpetual problem are preparing to deal with the effects of a weather related emergency situation. It was actually the ice storm of 2009 which devastated almost the entire state of Kentucky that opened my eyes to the potential danger of being unprepared. We were without power for 3 weeks while others went longer. The first week two of the grocery stores actually opened for a few hours a day on generator power accepting cash only until their supplies ran out. My supply of cash didn’t last as long as the groceries did. The grocery supplies only lasted for about 4 days. There were stores open within driving distance but many residents had no access to their funds since the small town local banks were without power and there was no guarantee that your ATM card would work at banks in non-affected areas.

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  • Ed_B

    “I have always had multiple firearms and a reasonable amount of ammunition on hand, but between me and my wife we could not guard the generator 24 hours a day.”

    Yet another story wherein one would be well served to have a faithful dog as one of our preps. It’s darn-near impossible to sneak up on a dog, even one that is sleeping. Unless the dog is really old or sick, it will awaken. The best of them will growl to warn their master. This alerts the master without alerting the crooks that they have been detected. Other dogs will bark, thus alerting both the master AND the criminals. If that causes them to run away, that’s fine. If it causes them to prepare to ambush the dog owner, that is not so fine. A medium sized dog with good senses of smell and hearing is a wonderful asset during any disaster or confrontation. What they cost us in food and medical attention is small compared to what they return in heightened senses, security, protection, and companionship.

    “It wasn’t until the 4th week that the National Guard came by our house offering bottled water. Not to discredit the men and women serving in the National Guard, but it seems they are always sent in after the fact.”

    Sent being the operative term here. The folks who serve in the national guard are an asset to their states and communities. They have no choice about where they are sent or when. Like the rest of us, they too are at the mercy of incompetent politicians… and they do not like it any better than we do.

    “But no one will be able to defeat a professional military force. Regardless how big or well-trained your group is, you will be no match for a full blown military attack. The firepower available will be unmatched.”

    True. But in asymmetrical warfare, it is not about confronting a vastly superior force directly. It IS about sabotage, sniping, taking their weapons and supplies, and making life so uncomfortable and hazardous that the enemy finally realizes that messing with us is just a lot more trouble than it is worth.

    “When you read an unbiased and untainted view of Church History…”

    Well, good luck with that! Finding anything that is so fundamentally important to people that is not biased in some way or other is darn-near impossible. I don’t recall EVER finding a case of this in my numerous readings over the past 60 years. If it happens, it is exceptionally rare. What most people mean when they say something like this is that they agree with what they are reading, so OF COURSE it is unbiased! 😉

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