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The NSA’s Criminality Has Completely Destroyed America’s Credibility On The World Stage

by Lee Rogers, Black Listed News:

The National Security Agency has come under an increasing amount of scrutiny following the highly publicized document leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.  These leaks have merely confirmed what many of us already knew about the NSA’s widespread spying and surveillance activities.  Snowden’s role like other high profile whistleblowers is certainly questionable considering his bizarre past with the CIA and other government entities but what is not questionable is the fact that the NSA is nothing more than the real life version of 1984’s Big Brother.  The NSA is literally collecting information on everyone be they inside of America or outside of America and new reports suggest that this even includes allied leaders.  This has sparked an increasing amount of anger both domestically in America but in many places around the world.  The United States already lost an unbelievable amount of credibility following the Obama regime’s debacle with Syria but now they have little to no credibility due to the sheer breadth and scope of the NSA’s spying operations. 

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    It is very simple to fix this whole problem, and that problem seems to always be the USA. Everyone in the world and even the USA needs to boycott the USA. They also need to know where there data is going and ensure servers that do not touch USA. This is very simple to do but does have a cost. It is time to end all financial dealings with the United States, and all you have to do is see the trans pacific partnership deal they were trying to use to screw the world over.

    The alternative, do nothing. If you do nothing, you may ask what is the USA doing with your data. They are using it to make money plain and simple. It is not for terrorism or any other grand adventure. It is to take the worlds money, just like playing poker, and knowing your opponents hand. If a company is ignorant enough to not secure their business without the USA and NSA spying, then using them is a sure fire way of destroying your business by espionage and stealing. Think how many trillions have already been stolen.

    Microsoft has back doors to all its products. This includes getting rid of all microsoft products like windows and replacing it with Linux. People around the world should start writing for open source code to help linux work for the world. All companies should provide tech support and drivers for Linux.

    Cisco routers have back doors to all their products and allow the USA companies in the know to learn secrets to your business.

    This does not mean simply just use new encryption software. These companies built back doors and even your best encryption is not safe. Worse anyone can access your networks once the back-doors are released to the hackers.

    Once trust is lost it is lost forever, and these corrupt American companies do not deserve another penny. They got funding from the USA government to take your information, and what should piss you off is they have it all right now. You have to change the game of your world business today. Don’t believe any American company that says it did not know it was being spied on. This is utter nonsense and the world knows it.

    Educate the next generation and your business partners. No companies in the USA on your servers period. Boycott Microsoft, Skype, XBOX, Verizon, Google, Cisco, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Level3, Paltalk and there are 50 companies total so far look them up. There is a list of 600 corporations that supported the trans pacific partnership deal as well like Wal-mart, Monsanto look them up as well and boycott all of these bastards.

    Now you might say all Americans are not bad, and why should I punish the whole USA. I am an American and I got two words for that, “Who Cares.” Whether America is Deaf, Dumb, Blind or Sloth and unable to make change, they allowed the US to get to this evil state. Inaction is the same as action. All companies in the United States need to be boycotted now. Find alternatives for all your goods and services and leave America out of the picture. By allowing ignorant America to fester you are simply allowing more pawns to spawn to be used for the axis of evil known as the United States.

    Follow the work of the BRICS nations (Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa) and Europe and start to build a wall around the USA. Even Australia, you need to switch sides and abandon the USA for good. For every dollar you refuse the greater the world becomes and the more money you keep in your pocket. This includes, don’t forget, boycotting the rest of all businesses in the USA. Make the USA hurt until it turns against itself and stops screwing with the world. Brazil just did it by stopping a 4.5 billion dollar deal to Boeing for jets. World this can be done. Now is the time to drop the hammer on the United States once and for all.


    Pissed On So Many Levels

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