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The No Exit Meme Goes Mainstream

by Andy Hoffman,

Growing up in the 1970s in Long Island, New York, I was taught to work hard, and play harder.  I remember being outside every possible second – no matter the season or weather.  Sports were my life; and to this day – at age 43 – they still are.  Back then, it focused on team sports like baseball and hockey; and currently, I play as much soccer as I did back then.  Moreover, I hike, ski, golf, and ride my road bike; as essentially, I’ll do anything to be outside.  And living here in Colorado, which outside Hawaii has more sunny days than any in the nation, I get plenty of opportunity.  Throughout the years, my closest friends emanate from the camaraderie of athletic competition; which aside from being physically healthy builds confidence, endurance, and character.

Yes, we had video games when I was a kid – and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love them.  Starting with Pong in the late 70s; to the Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, and Nintendo, my friends spent countless hours playing games.

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