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The Hostage-Taker: Berlusconi Pushes Italy to Brink

by Christoph Reuter, Spiegel:

He’s to blame for 20 years of standstill in Italy. Now he’s leading the nation and the whole of Europe to the brink of disaster. If Silvio Berlusconi succeeds in toppling the government this week, his cynicism will have won.

He cries a lot these days. On Sunday, his 77th birthday, he shed tears after receiving a letter from his children assuring him of their eternal loyalty. Usually he cries about supposed disloyalty and his battle against the “red robes.” Whenever Silvio Berlusconi cries, Italy must tremble.

He was in floods of tears 20 years ago. Even under the shower, as a close aide once recounted. “They’re going to finish me,” he whined. But the mogul always went for broke and hurled himself into the fray to rescue his legally and economically fragile business empire. And he always won.

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2 comments to The Hostage-Taker: Berlusconi Pushes Italy to Brink

  • Ed_B

    Maybe John Boner (sic) and Silvio Berlusconi should get together for a real tear jerk festival. People who cry, whine, and snivel all the time really piss me off. Maybe if they got a bitch slap occasionally, their need for this would diminish?

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