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The Frightening Reality About What Is Happening In The US

from KingWorldNews:

Today a man who has lived in 18 countries around the world, and witnessed collapses in many of these countries firsthand, spoke with King World News about the frightening reality of what is really happening in the United States. Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also spoke with KWN about what people should expect to see in the United States going forward, and it wasn’t pretty.

Barron: “Gold is soaring today as a result of the chaos which has been taking place in Washington, but mostly because of the Chinese downgrading the United States. The Chinese know that all the US did was defer this crisis and not solve anything.”

Keith Barron continues @

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1 comment to The Frightening Reality About What Is Happening In The US

  • CalSailX

    The Chinese had to have known that the destruction of the economy of the United States isn’t by accident. It’s a pretty sure bet that when it hits the fan, a good number of those responsible for their losses will seek shelter under their big red flag.

    Of course the ChiComs will convince themselves they can control these same psychopaths, because of course they are ever so much brighter then those stupid Americans. Good luck with that… these folks have been playing useful idiots against one another for a long time. By the time they figure out what the Ace up the sleeve of the globalist thugs, holds for them it will be to late.

    The rat holes have been picked with care, as if all that genetic research was just out of the goodness of their sweet little hearts… they got a plan, and millions of
    Chinese just don’t figure into it when their usefulness is at a end.

    Willing to bet those same ChiCom leaders have been spoon fed a nice little song and dance about what their place in the “new world order” will be… those same fools had better give some thought to what seventy years of biological weapons research has cooked up, and just who the hell has the money and clout to have steered it to their own ends.

    Seen a good chunk of this world, and folks in Africa or Asia aren’t much different then my neighbor. Just want a better life for themselves and their children. It’s too bad that some have so much, that all they have yet to have is absolute power over their fellow man. A free spirit in the light of god can’t help, but to toss a wrench into the cogs of that machine.

    Slowly the veil lifts… and the mighty wizards of Oz soil themselves!

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