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The Clear Evidence That Gold Is Being Manipulated Lower

by Graham Summers, Gains Pains & Capital:

At this point the Gold manipulation is outright absurd.

For years there have been rumors that Gold and Silver were being manipulated lower. For the most part these rumors were thought to be in the realm of “conspiracy theory” by most of the investing crowd.

However, at this point the evidence is clear. Someone is clearly manipulating Gold lower. This is happening almost every morning when someone dumps Gold in massive sell orders, pushing the precious metal’s price sharply lower.

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1 comment to The Clear Evidence That Gold Is Being Manipulated Lower

  • Frank Zak

    In this last week or two, all the numbers are
    out on China. These numbers are a huge shock.

    Demand greater than ever and the gold price goes down ?

    Nothing left to buy and the gold price goes down ?

    There is absolutely no relationship between the physical
    and the paper.

    The markets must default soon.

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