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The “Average” EBT User May Not Be Who You’d Expect

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

When people think of the average EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card user, they envision a career welfare recipient who has 12 kids by 11 different prison-residing fathers.  Because of this notion, when the story broke this weekend about the EBT system failure, many of the responses were quite cold, callous, and even downright spiteful.

Of course, the rioting through Wal-Marts across the nation certainly didn’t help.  Within hours the shelves were razed. The abandoned shopping carts of melting food and the carefully selected hungry spokespeople on the mainstream news just served to reinforce the conception that those who were left to go without groceries deserved to miss a few meals.

But….who IS the average EBT user?

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9 comments to The “Average” EBT User May Not Be Who You’d Expect

  • Rhea White

    Everyone in this country gets EBT benefits. Since none us us creates or has our own currency or money, we are not different, financially. The same bank that issues EBT, J.P. Morgan, issues everyone else’s benefits, whether by cash, check or credit card.
    And the fact that one person receives more benefits than another, because he or she has a job or owns a business, does not make he or she any different from the EBT recipient. Everyone receives the same benefits, from the same source, but only with different names. More division.

  • Really White?

    White, the difference in your example is that one group must WORK for and EARN their EBT benefits, while the other group gets a FREE UN-EARNED HANDOUT.

    • Rhea White

      There is no difference. This is what I meant when I mentioned “more division”. The ones who “must” work for the same benefits, are just as enslaved to an economy based system of usury, as those who can’t work or are otherwise prevented from having “a job”. Just because one “has a job”, does not elevate that one to a status any higher than the one that does not have a job. Those who work are still debt slaves. The dollars being distributed from J.P. Morgan have no intrinsic value, and are mere debt instruments, loaned to us, at interest. When you look at the situation, with an open mind, you will see that those “who have a job”, are only working and creating more debt, by doing so. It gets even worse, these debt instruments, “dollars”, are made from cotton fibers. What were so-called Black slaves picking in recent history, in the south? We’s all pickin cotton naw cheerin! When we accept a dollar, we are presumed to have accepted that instrument for value, in which case would be a debt obligation. So, every dollar worked for adds more debt, in a usury system. When you see the National Debt figures, you are not just looking at what government spends, you are also seeing the total amount borrowed from the private banks, plus, interest. If we had real money, real incomes, there would be no debt. And, there would be no national EBT. Please, wake up.

      • glitter 1

        I know I shouldn’t stoop to this level,but, renumeration comes from performing work,which is the creation of wealth.When the government takes from those who work/create the wealth by way of forced taxation and gives that wealth to someone who didn’t perform work/create any wealth for it,it’s called theft or plainly Communism.
        The government doesn’t create wealth,it only survives through expropriation of wealth from productive individuals/society and if it doesn’t expropriate enough to cover what it spends it barrows the difference with our children and grandchildren to pay the interest on the debt.Money doesn’t grow on trees!Also, not everyone banks with JPM.
        Based on this and other comments you’ve made reveals a serious ineptness and underdeveloped understanding.

        • Rhea White

          You are clearly a part of this communist, socialist, marxist construct. It is obviated by the way in which repeatedly write “don’t try to confuse me with the facts”.
          This system that you clearly support, does not work and is on its way out. Soon, very soon, your government will not be doing anything, at all. What are your smart-ass plans for that reality? How will you get your job provided, and your fiat “currency”, borrowed from the Fed? now that the daughter of Babylon has fallen? and the nations are weakened.
          Have you heard the latest? The federal reserve note is no longer the preferred global currency. You sit at your computer, glibly spouting all of this crap that you have, no doubt, read from some book. Man, it is over for this nation. Your government, your jobs, your complaints about poor people who are not even given the remotest chance in this corrupt, evil empire, are soon to end. I would love to be there to see the look on your face, when your so-called job is gone, and your dollar won’t buy even a slice of stale bread. And you, glitter 1, I am already aware of the fact that, you are critically stupid. Money is non-existent in the US economy. There is only currency. Look up currency, maybe then you will get the point. What they say about Americans, despite their schooling, are pathetically dumbed down. Enjoy the destruction of the Anglo-American empire. I’m off the air, there is really very little intelligence, here.

  • Really White?

    Sorry Rhea, I get and appreciate where you are trying to come from however, there is simply no way around the inequity of government coerced redistribution of earned/saved monetary credits of any origin. According to your logic, no one should work or own a business; instead, you are suggesting that since the money is all a fraud anyway, that the government should just pay all citizens their entitled funny-money salaries, along with health benefits, and every other conceivable expense a citizen may encounter. Why should one citizen pay for their groceries from savings or earned labor credits while another (who also may earn a significant income or have the clear ability to do so) receive their monthly credit allotment from the government without the need to lift a finger or break a sweat? I am rather awake and suggest that you check your logic, which is severely lacking in its attempted justification for government handouts.

    • Rhea White

      No, what I am trying to say is that, people need to stop sniveling and crying over what does not belong to them. You have no wealth and you have no money. The bankers own everything. Get off your asses and stop depending on this corrupt and immoral system, and stop accusing others who have nothing either. Before the government and all of this so-called business and employment, people were able to live off the land quite comfortably. Now that we have this artificial system, everything is controlled and limited. Everyone has to now try to compete with others for everything, and there is not enough for everyone to adequately sustain themselves, under this sort of system.
      There really is a such thing as “the haves, and the have nots'”. And we constantly have to listen to brainwashed, indoctrinated slaves constantly complaining about the other slaves. What I am saying is that, none of us should have to live like this. This is a failed system, yet, those not responsible for it are being condemned when they have little choice and are trying to get buy like we all are. Some of you people are part of the problem. Quoting Ice Tea “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. The US is a corporation, not everyone is suited to this corporate life.

    • Rhea White

      Moreover, what you say in your rediculous comment, is exactly how most all businesses and jobs are carried out in the US. All government is basically getting welfare, because like most everyone else here, they don’t do any work either. People all over this country receive handouts, bailouts, and bribes for not doing their jobs. Most people sitting up in offices, art barely actually working, but many of them receive thousands of dollars per month, even some per day, for pushing papers around. Read your own comment. The truth lies there. You attempt to argue using lies.

  • Really White?

    Rhea, I think we all get that the government is corrupt and operating above the law. We are on the same page there. The flawed monetary system and the power elites who support it are the presumed enemy.

    Where we differ is in our principles of responding to the myriad of injustices manifesting from such crimes. From the perspective of many, more injustices simply compound the problems leading to further divisions as you have alluded.

    If someone agrees to labor for a specified amount of remuneration/pay does that pay not then belong to him or her despite the underlying corruption within the system as a whole.

    The following is from Martin Armstrong:

    What is interesting is that one of the Ten Commandments states thou shalt not covet their neighbor’s goods. Yet this is what socialism is all about – take from someone else so they do not have to work so hard. The problem emerging is this is the same as Communism and that did not work so well. It is the small business man who hires 70% of the workforce – not big corporations and government workers are “public servants” because they consume the nation’s wealth and produce nothing. I find it curious that we continue to follow Karl Marx right down the drain.

    This will be the final nail in our coffin. Confiscate everything, so just how will you then solve the more than 60% of the youth who cannot find a job in Europe and 65% of college graduates saddled with student loans cannot find a job in the USA in the field they spent a fortune to learn in school. So how is balancing the budget going to fix these problems? Why is it that nobody in government will ever say perhaps they should spend less? Gee – do you think it is that would deprive them of their pensions at our expense?


    So yeah, we are fighting the same enemy but in doing so, we must all remain aware that the ammunition/strategies/philosophies that we employ to fight this enemy can injure, harm, and set against us those who would otherwise be our allies in a common and noble cause.

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