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The Art of Forecasting with Robots

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

When Bob Chapman started this publication in 1991, only a tiny percentage of the public had ever sent or received an email and the world’s first website had only been created a few months before.

Now, just over two decades later we send and receive dozens (or hundreds) of emails a day from our smartphones, all while scrolling through our Twitter feed, posting to our personal blog, checking our bank account, ordering items on eBay, getting Siri to book a table at our favorite restaurant and playing Candy Crush. It’s often remarked that the pace of technological change is increasing, but I wonder if we appreciate what that really means.

As a man in my mid-thirties I straddle the internet divide, having spent about half of my life with the internet and half without. I am young enough to have never worked in an office without email and old enough to have never had an email account in grade school. From this vantage point, the internet is a mundane fact of life, something that I interface with nearly every day of my life. But from time to time I am able to reflect on what life was like before the internet and the massive transformation of our society that it has brought (and is bringing) about.

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