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Ted Butler: JP Morgan’s Perfect Silver Manipulation Cannot Last Forever

by Theodore Butler, Gold Silver Worlds:

Silver manipulation – a lot has been written about the subject, not many have grasped how it works exactly. The age of algorhythm trading (best known as High Frequency Trading, or HFT) allows for manipulative tricks to be rolled out in a very clever way. The “intuitive” way to manipulate the price of a commodity to the downside is to go short when prices are rising. Not so with JP Morgan. It is no coincidence that their manipulation strategy is so clever that most do not understand the mechanics; it is a perfect manipulation.

This article brings clarity in the precise mechanics of JP Morgan’s silver price manipulation. It goes to the heart of the manipulative tricks. The author is obviously Ted Butler, with four decades of experience in the precious metals markets, specialized in the paper (futures) market. The mechanics described in this article have been explained in such a way rarely before. It makes it a must read for precious metals enthusiasts, but also for professional and individual investors because the ongoing manipulation must come to an end resulting in much higher prices.

I think the most important comparison of the London Whale case to the COMEX silver manipulation is in the differences.

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6 comments to Ted Butler: JP Morgan’s Perfect Silver Manipulation Cannot Last Forever

  • Eric

    Neither can JP Morgan. Buh bye Jamie.

  • Frank Zak

    There is a technical problem with any commodity
    we buy that is overproduced such as silver.

    The commodity will run up, but the corrections
    will be horrible on the down side.

    Look at palladium, the best performing metal in
    the last year. Why ? It is underproduced 1 million
    oz a year. It sells far less than its cost to produce.

    75% of all silver costs $12 an oz to mine now. Only a couple
    companies have a cost over $20. Remember, silver sold for
    $4.66 in 2003. Silver is 75% a byproduct from other mining.

    So silver is a bonus of ore they would dig out anyway.

    Palladium and platinum sell for under total production cost
    and are underproduced. They have an extremely limited downside
    now due to this.

    Silver is overproduced 201 million oz a year even after all
    coinage demand.

    Gold’s total costs are now $1200 and it is sharply underproduced.

    Until the system defaults, you will always have violent
    corrections down.

  • Frank Zak

    It should be noted palladiun was the best performing metal
    in the last year. Than came tin, then platinum.

    Silver was the worst of all the many metals. But, if you can’t afford gold
    and are waiting for gold to default, than silver is a good alternative
    and it will run up on golds heels. But, you must cost average out
    as it goes up, while retaining your core position in anticipation
    of the default someday.

    • jonathan

      Silver is the best conductive metal and is anti bacterial. Silver plated utensils don’t even need soap they just need high pressure water and they will destroy all microscopic bacteria. No other metal can do that. Consumption will rise.

    • AgShaman

      Less than 1% of the populace is involved in any metals maneuverings. They would be lucky to employ the KISS Methodology of a 50/50 allocation. Getting cute is for people with excess capital and risk tolerances. Most people do not know where to acquire any of it. When it comes to unloading platinum or palladium….it is just beyond them.

      Stacking targets should compliment the subject.

  • Troy

    Silver is a great metal to buy, but I would only buy silver if you have a food stock, and you home and prep supplies complete. I would say LEAD “ammo”, was a good investment if you stocked up on it prior to this year. I was lucky to have the extra money in 2011 to HEAVILY invest in lead. Damn I got a lot of CCI Stinger, and Mini Mag!

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