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TDV Week in Review – Corrupting Chilean Youth On The Fly

by Gary Gibson, Dollar Vigilante:

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with a Chilean family in their home in the tiny seaside town of Concón, Chile. The adult daughter happens to be fluent in English (with an adorable Chilean accent) and teaches English to advnanced students at a school just a few minutes walk away from the house. She also has an enormous appreciation for men with significant amounts of Subsaharan African ancestry so it was natural that we quickly became fast friends.

She urged me to come speak to her students. She thought it would be good for them to hear a native English speaker. Chile is geographically and culturally isolated and there just aren’t that many people here who aren’t Chileans wth a Chilean look and who speak anything besides Chilean Spanish. I’d seen a few black people, but I was told they’re almost always Spanish-speaking Colombians of African descent. I’d also heard American English outside of my GGC-related sphere exactly once from a pair of white guys who passed me on the street. So my American English-spewing black face would be a double whammy of rarity for these kids.

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