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Sunspot AR1865 Erupts: M1 Flare Sends CME Towards Earth

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

In the early hours of this morning, sunspot AR1865 erupted sending a CME towards Earth. It will reach us on 15-16th October. No further details are yet available regarding the effects it may have. It has been classified as an M1, the lower end of the power spectrum but still powerful enough to cause radio blackouts in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere.

There could well be some spectacular auroras as it hits the Earths magnetic field.

AR1865 is one to watch as NOAA scientists have already identified it has having the energy to produce X-class flares. Both AR1861 and AR1865 are facing Earth and any flares they produce will be Earth directed.

NOAA estimates the chances of M-class flares as 40% over the next 24 hours and 15% for X-class flares during the same period.

Todays sunspot number is 106.

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