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So…What Are “Fish Antibiotics”?

[Ed. Note: I just ordered some of these for my preparedness stash this past week. If you are interested in getting some, our friends at Camping Survival will be happy to help you out.]

by Kellene Bishop, Preparedness Pro:

I’ve received a LOT of questions lately as to the notion of using fish antibiotics (fish mox) for human use as well as livestock antibiotics and other livestock medicine for human use—of course not for everyday, but certainly in an effort to be medically self-reliant if an “end of the world as we know it” scenario occurs. The short answer to these queries is NO, livestock medicines are not fit for human use and YES, fish antibiotics certainly are acceptable for human use. So…go fish.

There’s no such thing as a manufacturer of fish antibiotics. There’s not a pharmaceutical company on the planet that has yet provided valuable real estate space just so that they can manufacture “fish drugs” vs. “human drugs.” So the pharmaceutical industry—never weary of making a couple extra bucks—has convinced the aquatic pet industry to just use the same antibiotics as us big humans do. Yup, fish antibiotics or aquarium antibiotics are the exact same as the antibiotics you and I might get for a sinus infection. Are they really EXACTLY the same? Yes.

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2 comments to So…What Are “Fish Antibiotics”?

  • Marty

    You can buy antibiotics much cheaper at feed stores for use on large animals. You can also get drugs to treat parasites, like ivermectin. You can get them in injectable form too, which is often more effective. If you can’t get to a feed store is a good source.

  • Isaac

    Not very long ago, human intake of fish antibiotics was a well-guarded secret. But with all of the recent hoopla and attention, I expect that prices will first rise due to demand, and then we may very well experience an outright ban on these over-the-counter drugs. For our “safety”, of course.

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