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Snowden leak: NSA heavily involved in CIA’s drone warfare

from RT America:

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1 comment to Snowden leak: NSA heavily involved in CIA’s drone warfare

  • Joe

    This whole episode including Snowden and Greenwald is staged. Greenwald, the faggot Jew Zionist just became part of a new, news organization sponsored by a cabalist who help found eBay.Yet, no one speaks of it.

    They all carry on in their little worlds thinking they are making a difference by posting low rung, irrelevant information/news stories that don’t matter squat for making change. It’s like a fool going out into a snow storm, getting stuck, gunning his engine, making noise, spinning his wheels thinking he is doing something…getting somewhere but going no where!

    Why post news article and stories that don’t center on the main problem we have t solve? The Zionists have to be removed from our society! Until you fcus on that subject, you better not expect any change. Zionists own and control America!

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