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Silver in a Deflationary Crash

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

Silver may be the good news metal, but it’s about to have a serious retest of its “bad news” capacity.

The 1970’s

It’s been a long while since we’ve witnessed visible inflation.

The last time occurred after Bretton Woods was rescinded in 1971 and the US Dollar was allowed to float. Essentially, this was yet another in a series of defaults. Inflation rates soared.

Stealth Inflation

One of the most effective perceptual tricks played on the mainstream has been the modification of consumer price inflation.

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1 comment to Silver in a Deflationary Crash

  • Ed_B

    “It’s been a long while since we’ve witnessed visible inflation.”

    It has? Those of us who are awake, aware, and do not buy the Fed’s concocted inflation numbers see it all the time. John Williams of calculates inflation in the same way that the US Gov itself did prior to 1990, when they started playing fast and loose accounting games to make the Fed and Gov policies look better than they are, and he is getting a number that is approaching 10% for US annual inflation. My own shopping and living experiences verify John’s numbers as being real. I cannot verify Bernanke’s number of less than 2%, however, because I am a real person. Because of this, I MUST have food and fuel in order to live. Bernanke doesn’t think so, so does not include either food or fuel in the CPI. Bought any tuition or insurance lately? Paid your taxes? All are up, some by high single digits and others by low double digits.

    Failing that, how about that stock market? How is it that a very mediocre and, by some measurements, a shrinking economy can produce all time high stock prices? Well, I’ll tell you how. A lot of the money that the Fed has printed up out of thin air has gone into the US stock market. Many companies have done substantial share buy-backs. This 1-2 punch has allowed more money to chase fewer shares. This has INFLATED the share prices out of all proportion to the earnings and other fundamentals of these companies. You want to find inflation? Just look at the US stock market and at your own food, fuel, and tax bills. You’ll find it, trust me.

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