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Shanghai Gold Exchange VS. Obamacare: FREE MARKET VS. TYRANNY

Koos Jansen from and Jan Skoyles, writer and researcher for join us to compare the REAL DEMAND for PHYSICAL GOLD at the Shanghai Gold Exchange VS. the manufactured (or non-existent) demand for paper gold on the COMEX and for the fascist monstrosity known as ‘Obamacare’ — the REAL reason behind the current US Federal government “shutdown”. Oh, we talk about the smoke & mirrors of this pathetic shutdown too.

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19 comments to Shanghai Gold Exchange VS. Obamacare: FREE MARKET VS. TYRANNY

  • Eric

    Good interview. Really appreciate Koos and Jan’s insight especially in regards to China. I got news for you guys when you talk about the general public. By now, most can see the corruption but they still haven’t connected any dots and still think it won’t affect them too much personally. Most people are ignorant and indoctrinated morons who have never had to think for themselves until now and they are way way WAY behind.

    • SGT

      Thanks for commenting Eric. If the general public still hasn’t figured out this stuff directly affects THEM, this may be the week they get smacked in the face with cold, hard reality. The EBT “glitch” is a mere taste of what’s to come.

      • Eric

        You may be right. I think Chris Duane had it when he said the majority of em are about to go through the anger stage of awakening. I can tell you from what I have experienced, seen, and heard first hand, there are basically 2 types of sheeple right now…those still in complete denial and those that are getting angry. I know they’re waking up, but I honestly don’t see anyone in my personal life waking up or getting informed. They are all sheep being led to the slaughter. And since they all seem convinced that nothing is going to happen, I’m taking Chris’s advice and waiting for one to ask the question and be willing to listen before giving the answer.

    • Hi Eric,

      What also bothers me is that some people that wake up are misinformed. They know they’re being screwed over by banks, but many think the solution would be ie nationalizing the banks or more rules from the government to control the banks. This would only make matters worse, this exactly what’s going wrong; there are no more free markets that are aloud to regulate themselves. One of the biggest problems we have today (US, UK, NL, etc.) is the Too Big To Fail banks, which is never addressed by any politician anywhere on the globe. The solution for this problem would be, this isn’t easy, to stop bailing out the TBTF banks.

      It’s the power elite’s goal to make the sheeple think all economic problems are caused by capitalism (so they can implement more socialism).


      • Eric

        Indeed Koos,

        The only thing worse than being dis-informed is being misinformed. They don’t want to be informed. They want to be entertained. They don’t read or think for themselves so they can’t form a coherent argument against the MSM B.S. They aren’t open minded so trying to rationalize with an ideologue is like trying to pound a crooked nail into a concrete block. I keep trying but as the architect in the matrix said, “Denial is the most predictable of all human behaviors.”

        Problem, reaction, solution. They (the criminal elite) create the problem. Wait for the reaction. Then come in and pretend to solve the problem. It would be absurd if it wasn’t so sad but unfortunately most of the sheep will wake up the hard way, if at all.

  • Frank Zak

    The Chinese are only leaving enough gold on
    the market to leave the illusion that there is
    still gold available. They could buy all the gold in GLD
    for only $95 Billion in one day.

    The Chinese and the West are in a poker game. The West is short
    selling paper gold and the Chinese are buying the physical.
    The Chinese are calling the West’s bluff.

    Good economy, bad economy.
    Inflation, no inflation.

    None of this matters at all for gold.

    Only the Chinese matter. Only the central banks buying
    gold matter. Only private people taking possession matter.
    Nothing else matters.

    The demand is twice the mining supply. It is draining
    all the physical out of the market at a fantastic rate.

    Numbers don’t lie. China will buy absolutely all the physical
    gold they can for as long as they can.

    The physical market has absoltely no relationship to
    the paper market.

    The gold market will default. It is a mathematical certainty.

    The Chinese know this. Only gold can back their currency.

    Only gold is money.

    Trust me. Everyone here will live to see the day when
    you have to lock your gold wedding ring in your safe deposit box.

    When the LBMA defaulted in the 1970′s from lack of physical,
    gold went from $35 an oz to $200 an oz.

    This happens overnight. It is not gradual. Paper gold will
    die instantly, not slowly.

  • Frank Zak

    How much gold does China need ? I estimate
    30,000 to 40,000 tonnes. They are only buying
    1,200 tons a year now. They are limted to
    new mine production as GLD and LBMA, etc.,
    are a drop in the bucket to them. The Chinese
    would be delighted to buy all the new mine production
    in the world each year if they could.

    They will buy all the physical gold they can
    possibly get their hands on. They must back their currency
    by gold if they want to become the world reserve

    They know the fiat currencies will crash.

    • Ed_B

      “They are only buying 1,200 tons a year now.”

      That we know of and that they will admit to. The real figure is likely to be multiples of this. To the Chinese and the Russians, the amount of gold they hold is a state secret, so whatever we think we know it likely to be wrong and much less than the actual tonnage held.

      I agree with your 30-40k tons desired figure, though.

  • Moishe

    We can add Hungary to Iceland, Iran, Syria & the axis of evil. shanghai has a Rothschild central bank & that is the litmus test as to if their gold is sovereign it is not.

    Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.

    • Ed_B

      Thanks for the URL, Moishe. Good article. It makes me wonder what possible excuse will be invented for the invasion of Hungary… to preserve freedom and democracy, of course! Not.

  • jonathan

    Great interview. The guests were totally right about China being involved in the smack down to buy gold cheap. I personally think this also has to do with gold being used in technology. China is a major manufacturer so they can use the gold in technology now and in the coming corporate space race they will need a lot of gold.

  • D the Fat One

    The US has National Cemeteries overseas that are the property of the US Government (just like embassies or consulates). They have an American paid caretaker working at each cemetery. Hence the ability of President 0 to order them shut down.

  • John

    I looked up to Ronald Reagan…

    Was the late Bob Chapman telling the truth??

    Red Ronnie was a Commie…. Control the right and control the left, full spectrum dominance…

    This corrupt system needs to go, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the controlled right wing.. People don’t like to accept the truth, because they are looking for someone to save them.

    Cheryl Iserbyt mentions that the CNP, which is the far right wing, is much more powerful than the CFR.. I am right wing myself, who the frig do you trust? No one!!

    • jonathan

      First of all Ronald Reagan was not a Commie but he was a Fascist with out knowing it. Second of all Rand Paul may be working within the Republican party but he is changing the entire attitude of the people who support that party and some of the people in it. Third of all the CNP is an American organization while the CFR is a international organization serving the most powerful families on earth how can you even compare the two.

      • John

        Ronald Reagan was a Commie during his acting career and was well aware of it.. Secondly, so even though the system is corrupt to the core, we should go ahead and stay the course.. I will gladly support Ted Cruz then, his wife has a high paying job at Goldman sacs, that should help us out a great deal. Thirdly, you should contact Cheryl Iserbyt immediately and let her know that the CFR is the top gun, where does she come up with this nonsense? You most certainly are more informed.. What would we do without you Jonathan? Thanks for clearing things up..

      • steve

        Rand Raul,like his Daddy are controlled and have Free Masonry ties….Rand is in bed with Mitt Romney…stop putting your faith in men.



  • rich

    This Sure Isn’t The America I Grew Up With

    I just can’t believe that the average American looks at the stock market and says, “this country is in great shape – just look at the Dow.” There is no way that the public is THAT stupid or blind.

    The increasing degree of corruption in our financial and political system continues to blow my mind. Every day I uncover new evidence and facts about just how rotten to the core our system has become. What’s even more staggering is that the average American just “turns the other cheek” and let’s it happen. The Government has zero opposition to its frightening move towards a Totalitarian State.

    It’s Huxley’s “Brave New World” unfolding before my eyes. What passes for “news” and accurate reporting of the facts is a complete insult to the intelligence of the few of us left who have the willingness to question what’s happening and to grasp the real truth. The truth is that this country is collapsing.

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