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School Test Teaches Kids: “Commands Of Government Officials Must Be Obeyed By All”

by Steve Watson, InfoWars:

A parent of a ten year old was shocked to discover a grammar and writing test paper that their child brought home from school reads more like document from an authoritarian country such as China.

The parent sent a portion of the test paper to Infowars, revealing that it contains sentences such as The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all.

The paper uses such sentences and asks school children to replace certain words in order to make the sentence contain a possessive noun.

Others within the paper include:

“The job of a president is not easy.”

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2 comments to School Test Teaches Kids: “Commands Of Government Officials Must Be Obeyed By All”

  • eric

    The problem with infowars. I’ve asked readers in the comments, and even emailed the editor. Does ANYONE who reads that site ever check the hyperlinks? here is the comment (and letter sent to the editor). Can anyone help with this? SGT, do you know someone you can ask about this? Aaron Dykes maybe (I know you’ve interviewed him)? Natural News is notorious for fake hyperlink ‘sources’ as well. I want to share the info, but when I get called out on it, it makes me look bad. You should feel the same way Sean. Thanks.

    Open letter to the editor (I have emailed Kurt this, I suggest you all at the very least click the hyperlinks -DO THE RESEARCH):
    Referring to this article, and many others…
    I realize this was sent to you, but can you have the person show us the
    workbook this comes from? Pics of the cover, a title of the workbook,
    and so on.
    I followed your hyperlinks, and “part of a set” leads to a google
    search, that links back to this article, no sign of a set of tests that
    have govt propaganda, as the text implies. Also, the “pearson
    education” is just a wiki page, not any info of where I can find that
    they publish these tests. Also, the “5th grade grammar test” link scribd
    page shows no signs of govt propaganda.
    After looking at these three, I feel there is need for explanation.
    Especially since the first two mentioned have the following language
    “Upon further investigation” which implies that the hyperlinks contained
    are the ‘investigating’ that you claim you are doing. I can’t email
    steve watson, so I am emailing, you, the EDITOR. I have found these
    issues with Natural News before, and also infowars. Im not trying to be
    a jerk, I’m doing exactly as you guys say, DO THE RESEARCH. This is why
    I’ve stopped reading your stuff, but this has struck a tone with many,
    and now my OWN credibility is at risk. HELP!

    It was just sent, so no reply yet. I can update if you like, but I think if you asked (you’re known) you are likely to get a faster response. thanks

    • jonathan

      Eric what fantasy world are you living in? Infowars is a site that is trying to get people hyped up to fight totalitarians in the world. They have an interpretation of the info they get and they post the article with a headline that is more sensational and more based on their interpretation then what the article they link to says. How can you seriously go on Infowars and not know the kind of site it is? If you want to get pumped up to fight the New World Order then join the fight with the rest of us and stop complaining about such trivial details. If you want to wake people up you might want to use basic logic not sending people to Infowars.

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