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President Obama To Explain Obamacare’s “Success” – Live Webcast

On Obamacare’s health care ‘exchanges’: …”That product is working, and it’s really good… The health care that is being provided is good. And it’s affordable… It’s a good deal.”

from Zero Hedge:

We’ve heard statement after statement from any and all talking heads (a sample of the best 25 here) and we’ve seen the numbers (both internally and in context)… and we’ve discussed the unintended consequences and what to expect in 2014. So now (due at 1125ET – so who knows what time he turns up), it’s the big man’s turn to become the Sham-Wow guy; explain how great it actually is (and ignore the bloggers); how any minute now it will all be fixed, and how awesome this will all be (one day)… Don’t forget you can always call 1-800-F U-CKYO for advice.

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