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Political Chicken – With Billions of Lives

by Andy Hoffman,

And speaking of death throes, just how much longer can the U.S. government maintain its semblance of managing a capitalistic economy via democracy?  The current “government shutdown” and “debt ceiling” debates have collapsed into vulgar saber rattling; with not a whit of input from the citizens they supposedly represent.  Congress’ 10% approval rating belies the most embarrassing episode of “government” in American history; and, not to mention, flies in the face of the so-called “recovery” that tends to yield strong approval ratings.  Yes, the people are so “approving,” banks are stuffing ATM’s with 30% more cash than usual for fear of a bank run.

As I wrote earlier this week, the nation would be best served if government did indeed SHUT DOWN.  However, with so many people on the dole, it CANNOT do so for even a day; which is why, despite all the rhetoric and fear-mongering, 85% of all government services are now considered essential – and thus, running as usual

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