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People In Asia Are Staggered At What’s Happening In The West

from KingWorldNews:

People in Asia are staggered at what’s happening in the West. They are amazed at the prices on the Comex. They don’t really understand them because they see what the gold price is supposed to be, and yet they go to the store and the price of gold is always higher.

So they don’t really understand what the West is doing, but they are very, very happy to pick up as much gold as they can, slowly and gradually, and then more aggressively into dips in the price. And that’s going to continue.

Grant Williams continues @

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13 comments to People In Asia Are Staggered At What’s Happening In The West

  • andrew james

    I’m really worried about what the Asians are doing. I just might lose some sleep tonight over the whole affair. Gold is a barbaric relic. It’s like the ford edsel of PM’s.

  • Paul T

    Oh god, here we go with another “barbaric relic” moron who doesn’t understand real money. I bet u love drinking that “barbaric water” and still like using that “barbaric broom” in ur house too. Hey, paper money is over 1000 years old now so I guess it’s “barbaric” too huh. I feel sorry for the idiots that are brainwashed to believe that gold is barbaric. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and gold definitely ain’t broke. But u sure will be. : ) after the huge crash that’s coming, we’re not gonna rebuild with canned meat and bullets. We’re gonna need real money. I smell rude awakenings coming for a lot of morons who bought into digital currencies and paper dreams. You people fall for it every time, and that’s why bankers keep doing it over and over again throughout history.

    • jonathan

      How good are those digital currencies gonna be when the internet goes down or the NSA hacks you for their Bankster Masters?

    • Isaac

      People who actually believe what he stated (don’t know if HE is actually for real) are the kind of BARBARIANS who, when faced with the brutal scenario you just spoke of, will stage an armed raid on the homes of those they know are holding gold and other “barbaric relics.”

      They were too ignorant, cheap and lazy to acquire it honestly before the SHTF, but theft is always a viable option for such idiots.

      The prepper “community” is loaded with them. Beware.

      • Isaac

        I’m speaking of the mindset that “Andrew James” expressed.

        • Paul T

          Isaac, ur exactly right. They will be the ones knocking on our doors begging for help at first, then when that doesn’t work, they’ll resort to stealing. The same folks that claim “can’t eat gold” seem to have no problem using paper dollars that they also can’t eat and you don’t hear them use any logic about not being able to eat paper. If gold was edible, it wouldn’t be money in the first place. It’s only money because it (and silver) have all the qualifications of money and don’t lack any. Everything else of value lacks at least one qualification of money and therefore is flawed. Andrew needs a little Mike Maloney in his life and he might have a chance.

          • Isaac

            @ Paul T:

            Yep. There’s all sorts of non-believers running around, many of whom look for a reason NOT to acquire gold and silver.

            I personally know people who completely ignore gold and silver, but buy ammo every chance they get. Yes, ammo IS valuable, no doubt. But you know what? You can’t eat THAT either, but you never hear them mention it.

            And while some of these folks might agree with us that fiat currency is on the fast track to hell, they still think that they will get whatever they need through bartering or stealing, but disregard the REBUILDING point that you brought up.

            Then there’s those half-hearted people who DID have some PM stashed away but lost faith because it didn’t shoot to the moon as promised. So they sold their stack for soon-to-be worthless paper, and are right back where they started. Anybody who was idiotic enough to to do this deserves what they get: soon to be worthless paper.

            Others, still, have always been under the firm spell of the almighty dollar, and will be to the bitter end. They find it unfathomable that the dollar (or other fiat currencies) will become completely worthless and obsolete. They see no need acquire gold and silver, and due to ignorance, are incapable of recognizing the INHERENT value of PM.

            All of the above will come knockin’, bangin’ or shootin’ when the rude awakening hits them. And that’s where the value of the ammo comes in.

  • andrew james

    You guys sound like a bunch of Johnny come latelys. I stopped acquiring Gold after it went over $260/oz. actually. How about you? You did notice how Silver and Platinum outperformed Gold in 2011 did you not? I guess not.

    • Isaac

      This must be the reason that China and the East are snatching up gold like a addict snatches up his drug of choice.

      And what makes you think we aren’t acquiring silver and platinum?

  • andrew james

    We all like to bemoan the bankster oppression that is occurring. So tell me. How are you resisting their next phase of tyranny by acquiring Gold yourselves? None of the Central banks are storing Platinum or Silver. You actually aid and abet their next phase of tyranny by making Gold acquisitions. No matter. There is more Gold in the world then National Geographic would have you believe.

  • Paul T

    Just because central banks are hoarding gold doesn’t mean they will be all powerful after the dollar collapses. Central bankers are only powerful if they have the ability to print unlimited amounts of paper and indent us to them. Gold prevents them from doing this. They are hoarding gold because they know their reign is about over and they’re doing it as a reaction, not a plan. And so what if they have the gold, it will force them to be honest again.

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