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Our Monetary System Is Responsible For The Growing Inequality

by Taki, Gold Silver Worlds:

Mike Maloney described in his latest video how people “feel” that things are not right in our economic system. Jim Rickards explains how a depression feels; it is just like … today. There is no growth and things around you point to the fact that growth is not coming neither. Zerohedge publishes non-stop evidence of a deteroriating economic situation, and emphasizes the deteriorating employment situation. The growing inequality is a key returning topic.

PositiveMoney, dedicated to expose the destructive power of the current monetary system, explains how the inequality gap has increased continuously over the last thirty years. According to a recent research from one of their contributors, it appears that several factors contribute to the growth of inequality, but at the heart is the operation of the banking system. To resolve inequality, it is mandatory to change the way money is created. 

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