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Oregon School District Removes Ban On Armed Teachers

by Mikael Thalen, Story Leak:

A ban on armed school employees was lifted by the St. Helens school board in Oregon this week, following a 4-to-1 vote during a district meeting Wednesday.

Last March, school employees including volunteers and contractors were banned from bringing licensed and concealed firearms onto school property. Now, with the ban removed, members of the community are taking sides, with some even offering free training to eligible teachers.

“It’s long been time to arm school teachers,” director of the Oregon Firearms Federation Kevin Starrett told KGW News.

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3 comments to Oregon School District Removes Ban On Armed Teachers

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    If it’s good enough for schools in Israel to arm teachers with guns and for the people in Switzerland to have guns then it’s good enough for the schools in Oregon.

  • Ed_B

    I been to St. Helens a few times and have some cousins who live there. I always knew that there was something about that town I liked. Refusing to be a sheep led to the slaughter is definitely something to be admired. Too bad that it’s only the small towns that have their stuff together on issues like this. Maybe that’s because they don’t have any commies running the place?

  • jeff

    Dang, arm enough teachers and some black ops false flag personnel are likely to end up dead on school floors.

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