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Offgriders Kicked Out of Homes Because of Government Shutdown

from Off Grid Survival:

For the last couple of days we’ve been covering the closure of the National Parks. One thing that’s been largely ignored by most media outlets, is the huge number of people who are now without a home thanks to the government shutdown.

The National Park Service has issued a warning to all people residing in the parks — in campgrounds, in rvs in the backcountry, or on houseboats in the marinas — that they will be required to leave the parks by 3 p.m. Thursday and find other accommodations.

Yesterday, I talked to a number of these people as they were being forced out of the National Parks that they call home. From people who live full-time in Houseboats, to Fulltime Rvers who call the backcountry their home, NPS has now started to target those who live in the parks.

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2 comments to Offgriders Kicked Out of Homes Because of Government Shutdown

  • Upstart

    Been shouting and shouting ‘United Nations Agenda 21’ for months and months. At every opportunity, whatever it may be, these guys seize it to tighten the noose.

    Rain water harvesting, growing food in your own garden, keeping animals such as hens and goats in your own garden, using wood burning stoves, generating your own electricity – all are becoming slowly but surely ‘restricted’ if not down right ‘prohibited’. Even taking water from streams is ‘controlled’ or ‘managed’ sometimes even requiring a licence.

    I have also spoken about the risks of moving into certain country areas because of Agenda 21 and the risk of out and out property confiscation.

    The so called ‘elites’ want the citizens in pens like animals inside big cities where we can be totally and easily controlled (think opening scene from the amimated movie ‘I pet goat 11’ and the city in the transhumanist population reduction warning movie ‘Blade Runner’).

    This is what boiling frogs really looks like. It may take a few more years but these scum will find a way of making living in the country untenable – except for the ‘elite’ of course.

    Agenda 21 – read it and be warned (and remember these words – ‘the smart ones left early’).

  • johns

    The takeover in slow motion.

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