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ObamaCare in More Trouble Than You Might Think

by Dan Riehl, Breitbart:

Selling the American people on ObamaCare was always going to be a big challenge. That’s why it was passed all but in the middle of the night. Now, with the number of people who say they will opt out of ObamaCare and pay the fine instead growing – the selling of ObamaCare is only going to become more difficult, not less. 

That could easily have major ramifications to the success of the program overall.

Obstacles to its success have only grown in recent days and the fight is far from over. According to Gallup, more people than ever are now saying they will pay the fine, as opposed to enrolling.

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2 comments to ObamaCare in More Trouble Than You Might Think

  • Rodster

    Obamacare was designed to fail on purpose. The Elite want to move everyone, except them into a single payer system. If the already sky high astronomical debt doesn’t make us collapse then this should do the trick.

    A country can’t operate with this level of debt when most of your new jobs are part time, low wage fast food jobs.

  • gerald

    I say they would rather us pay the ‘fine’ (tax)than be insured. My employer worked a deal with the gov to keep their insurance plan for part timers for 1 more year. Guess what? It has a maximum benefit of $5000 per year and you have to pay $1750 a year for a family of two as premiums. How screwy is that.

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