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Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?

Man who attempted to sign up claims he was threatened with drivers license being revoked, federal tax lien on home

by Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars:

A man who attempted to sign up for Obamacare online was told that a fine of over $4,000 dollars a year for refusing to take out mandatory health insurance could be taken directly from his bank account, and that his drivers license would be suspended and a federal tax lien placed against his home, according to an entry on the Facebook page.

If true, the implementation of Obamacare is going to be a whole lot more draconian than Americans have been led to believe.

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3 comments to Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?

  • steelerdude

    now we need that $4000 for Michelle’s and the kids vacations…whats the problem?

    Speaking of Michelle and vacations, seems like she has toned it down a bit or has
    eliminated them…anyone else notice?

    Maybe too high a risk or something major is about to happen?

  • Stacker

    Since the penalties are through the tax code, this is the correct. the IRS can and will seize bank accounts, file liens and garnish wages to collect “unpaid taxes”.

  • gerald

    When is everyone going to realize obumacare is all about the gov getting more revenue? For most people, the fine,(TAX), will be way cheaper than the insurance.

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