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Obama Threatens to Arrest WWII Vets

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

National Parks Closed? Screw That! Many elderly veterans, some in wheelchairs, broke through the barriers set up around the memorial, as police, park service employees, and tourists looked on. “The Germans and the Japanese couldn’t contain us. They weren’t going to let barriers contain them today. They wanted to see their memorial,” said Armstrong.

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1 comment to Obama Threatens to Arrest WWII Vets

  • monica

    uh oh…i just a got a vision of that mother in the grocery store who keeps threatening her kid to be “obedient” but never does anything except get more exasperated and increases the level of threat with each new threat…the mother starts looking like the kid; tantruming, red faced, finger pointing…meanwhile the kid just keeps doing what they do.
    obama is starting to pop some jugular vein here, a whole bunch of threats may be coming and he very well could just flip the hell out.

    Lord, help us.

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