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Obama Officially A War Criminal: Amnesty International

from RevolutionNewz:

Amnesty International says those responsible for attacks that “may constitute war crimes or extrajudicial executions” should stand trial, which must mean Obama, as he authorises all US drone strikes.

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2 comments to Obama Officially A War Criminal: Amnesty International

  • Truthseeker

    The BBC reporter isn’t toeing the party line, is she? Hey, a few grandma’s getting blown to a fine pink dust is just the price of doing business, right? After all, if the peace prize winner Obomba approves of the strikes they must be righteous. Hell, grandma could have turned that hoe on the U.S. at any time. Besides, she refused to buy Monsanto GMO seeds for her garden. Therefore she was a legitimate targeted threat.

    The least America could do is air-drop that family an I-phone and some Chinese made trinkets as compensation. May be an I-tunes gift card and some NFL merchandise too. Remember, They hate us for our freedom.

  • B.M.

    A total waste of time and reporting. Nothing, absolutely nothing will result from this “conviction”. Not saying I don’t agree, just that while the global elite are still firmly in charge, only they will decide who gets charged with what and when.

    Not until the global elites are physically removed by the united people of the world, and hung by a rope for their treason and crimes against humanity will anything like this conviction hold ANY weight.

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