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Non-sports events to watch this weekend

by JY896, TF Metals Report:

It is relatively easy to bemoan the state of the world, and once having recognized its condition and trajectory, to try to prepare oneself for the future by whatever and all means necessary and available. It is quite another to actively participate in bringing about a change in the status quo, rather than just react and adapt to it.

This outfit certainly seems determined to be an active part of the solution: Truckers Ride for the Constitution. The idea of slowing/stopping traffic as a means of civil disobedience and protest is a relatively established one, I’ve encountered several region/nationwide stoppages elsewhere. If 25K cabdrivers can shut down a small country for days (absent violent military response), 10K semis should be able to handle a town this size. In the US, whose supply chains depend heavily on interstate ‘highway trains’, the effect of such an endeavor would be doubly felt. I would probably have gone with a more positive verb than ‘Shut Down’ (a la T2SDA, but perhaps that is literally what is necessary for more people to become aware of reality.


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